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$5.99 /month

A smart Home Phone plan for people on a budget! Ideal for connecting Forces personnel to their families, college students with folks back home, or anyone else to friends and loved ones across Canada. You get free Canada & USA calling, 60 minutes World Select calling per month, plus access to our super-low international rates to anywhere else in the world!

Your package includes:

  • Free Canada & USA Calling (excluding the Alaska, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon)
  • 60 VBuzzer World Select minutes per month
  • 3-Way Calling, Call Blacklist, Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding¹, Do Not Disturb, Follow Me, Speed Dial and Voice-Mail
  • Option to keep your existing phone number² or get a new phone number
  • Use a VoIP adapter (available for purchase from VBuzzer or BYOD³) or free softphone4;
  • Free Calling Between VBuzzer Members


VBuzzer is a global phone service provider. All pricing is quoted and payable in USD (US dollar currency).
1Long distance rates may apply, depending on the number call forwarded to. 2One-time line port charge of $5 applies (free porting promos may apply). 3BYOD = Bring Your Own Device. 4Only one device can be connected to your account at the same time.

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