Founded in 2002 (by Softroute Corporation), VBuzzer was initially established to develop internet routing technologies for leading telephone carriers. During this time we designed an innovative internet protocol ‘softswitch’, used to originate and terminate calls, and which would become the foundation technology for the 2005 launch of VBuzzer. We have, since that time, been committed to offering fast, efficient and affordable communications to people the world over through the continued development of advanced global data exchange software.

While VBuzzer was essentially created to serve global internet users with cost effective PC-to-Phone calling and instant messaging, in response to the needs of our customers, in 2006 we made internet fax available via VBuzzer Messenger, allowing users to send and receive faxes to any fax machine as easily as sending files from instant messenger. Additionally, between 2007 and 2009, we added mobile SMS and virtual private networks to VBuzzer Messenger, making it a unique all-in-one software solution combining instant messaging, internet telephony, internet fax, mobile SMS, web conferencing and desktop sharing.

To date, VBuzzer has been used by millions of customers worldwide, allowing them to stay connected with family and friends, conveniently, reliably and affordably.

In February 2017, VBuzzer became a proud part of the VoIP Much Phone Company.


“To serve and satisfy global internet users with reliable and affordable home phone service.”

The future of communications will belong to developers of new and improved technologies, and it is our goal to ensure that these technologies, through our role in their continued development, are made available and affordable for use by customers the world over.

VBuzzer, associated trademarks and logos and the symbol are trademarks of the VoIP Much Phone Company Inc.


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