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  Cell Phone Callback

What is Cell Phone Callback?

It allows you to make 1000 minutes local calls at $10/month anytime,
as long as you have an unlimited incoming plan on your cell phone.

How it works?

1. Dial the access number and hang up, you will get a callback in seconds.
2. Enter the destination number followed by the # key, the system will call the number and connect you both.
Technically you are receiving calls from the system throughout the process.

US$5/month gives you 500 minutes local cell phone talk
US$10/month gives you 1000 minutes local cell phone talk
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Again, US$10/month will get you up to 1000 minutes cell talk!


To order Vbuzzer Callback Card Please Create a Vbuzzer account and login your Vbuzzer account and go to 'Mobile Callback'.

Vbuzzer Callback Service is currently available in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Kinston and Windsor.
Dial access numbers listed below to use the service:

Access Number:
Toronto 416-273-8883
Montreal 514-787-9388
Ottawa 613-212-1388
Windsor 519-968-1588
Kingston 613-887-1888

Dial 416-273-5555 if you don't want to release your caller ID.

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