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Top quality calls to haiti at ultra low rate. With call forward, call recording, and conference calls. Plus free internet fax to US & Canada. Vbuzzer, your clear choice to call haiti !

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Powerful VoIP software for calling haiti

You are about to save 95% on international calls with a powerful VoIP software that works in and accross every countries.

Hello Friends,
Is PC to Phone block in your country?
Or long distance calling too expensive?
Are you looking for a solution that offers the best quality at bottom price?
Looking for a trustworthy VoIP company that provides consistent service?
Vbuzzer Messenger is the ultimate VoIP solution you are looking for.
It works in any country, even in country where VoIP is blocked or difficult.
It provides crystal clear voice quality.
It offers low international calling rates.
It is the top software that combines VoIP, Internet Fax, Multi-Protocol IM.

In just a few minutes, you can start saving your money in 3 easy steps:
1. Download Vbuzzer Messenger for free
2. Register an account
3. Buy credit by clicking the secured credit button

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Calling haiti : 011 + haiti Phone number.

Vbuzzer Rates

vbuzzer call india India 8.7 ¢/min
vbuzzer call india Pakistan 14 ¢/min
vbuzzer call Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 18.6¢/min
vbuzzer call Bangladesh Bangladesh 11 ¢/min
vbuzzer call Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 16.5 ¢/min
vbuzzer call Kuwait Kuwait 12.2¢/min

vbuzzer call Egypt Egypt 17.9 ¢/min
vbuzzer call Jordan Jordan 14 ¢/min
vbuzzer call United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 25¢/min
vbuzzer call Oman Oman 21¢/min
vbuzzer call Lebanon Lebanon 11.9¢/min
vbuzzer call Philippines Philippines 15.5¢/min

vbuzzer call Bahrain Bahrain 15¢/min
vbuzzer call China China 1.5¢/min
vbuzzer call USA USA 1.5¢/min
vbuzzer call Canada Canada 1.5¢/min
vbuzzer call West Europe West Europe 1.7¢/min
vbuzzer call Vietnam Vietnam 18.9¢/min

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Cheaps Phone Calls to haiti.

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Other Highlights

Internet Fax
Send and receive fax over internet, no need to purchase any fax machine, printer, copier any more. Send fax to US and Canada are currently free.

Web Conferencing and Collaboration
Manage your video conferences, online meetings or webinars with our leading web conferencing solutions. Interactive, secure web conferencing and web collaboration with anyone, anytime right on the web host by us.

Mobile VoIP
Configure your mobile phone handset like iPhone, Nokia E61, Nokia E51, or smart phone device with Windows Mobile OS to enjoy the low cost mobile voip calling.

VoIP PBX for Small Business
Configure a IP PBX system like Asterisk or Trixbox in your enterprise, so you can have a full featured PBX at almost no cost.

VoIP Phone Adaptor
Vbuzzer VoIP is SIP compatible, which means you can bring your own VoIP phone device to use the service. Typical adapators include Linksys PAP2, Grandstream, Cisco ATA, and Cisco IP Phones.

Phone Card
We also provide prepaid phone cards to users in 5 Canadian cities. Purchase online and get your PIN instantly.

Secure Online Payment
Make secure credit card or paypal payments with our encrypted online payment gateways. Transaction data are strictly protected.

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